Does Body By Vi Work – Really?

Does body by vi work … I am not a doctor or nutritionist and can only make suggestions based on my own experiences.  You should consult with your healthcare provider just to be on the safe side.  By following the indications on the nutrition label and using previous knowledge I have been able to succeed with ViSalus.

I always have had problems in the past with my waist area.  When I came across body by vi, I decided to give it a try and became committed to making it work.  You see, I have been about 30lbs over weight and have always wanted to lose the extra fat in my problem area. 

To keep this short, here are some things I did, which made a difference when asking myself “ does body by vi work ?”

does body by vi work 2

  1. Started eating 5 times a day with 3 hours in between each meal.
  2. Two of my meals were replaced by ViSalus Shake.  (It didn’t matter in which order).
  3. Last meal had to be taken on or before 7:30PM the LATEST.  No more food after this time!
  4. Had a gallon of water every day and throughout the day and finished it before 6PM.  This prevented me going to the restroom every 2 hrs throughout the night, interrupting my sleep.
  5. Got rid of all sweets and salts (sodium) in my diet and replaced it by all natural forms.  (Sugar turns into stored fat if you are overweight and salts makes you retain water.
  6. Did cardio and resistance training 6 days a week AT MY OWN PACE for an hour each day.  Stretching was part of the 1 hour.
  7. Got my 8 hours of sleep every day.
  8. Meditation 30 minutes a day to release stress, stay focused, and reconfirming my commitment.
  9. Began sharing with massive amounts of people.

Does body by vi work … well, no product on its own will work.  It is about finding your own balance and learning how your body works.

Who is a perfect candidate for it?

You might be asking yourself… does body by vi work for me?  Have you ever asked yourself what will it take you to lose weight, eat healthy, get fit, or in prefect health?  You have probably tried hundreds of products, systems, diets, etc. and still find yourself fighting against your condition/situation.

Well, the honest truth is that none of this will ever change until you realize one important truth.  It all starts with your mindset!  Anyone can be a perfect candidate to any program with the right mindset.

How does body by vi work if some people talk bad about it?

Well, have you ever come across something that you really got the most out of and became very happy and excited about?  Most people have a tendency of naturally promoting what they like; whether it is a product, an experience, a movie, or an offer.  When you find yourself doing this, are you making any profit in doing so?

This is exactly what happens when you come across ViSalus Sciences.  People who try it become living testimonials and just LOVE to share this opportunity for the betterment of others.  People come up to me and ask does body by vi work for you?  Not to mention that there IS an incentive when you share with others.

There are many “DREAM KILLERS” out there that will do anything in their hands to take your dreams away.  Understanding that a health condition can also be a sentimental condition will help you define YOUR difference between your commitments and your emotions.

I have to admit, though, that it can be very hard when a loved one or a friend destroys your good intentions or desires by discrediting your beliefs and ideas.  This usually happens when the so called friend or loved one had tried at something and failed; or even when they have come across people that have done the same to them.

Does body by vi work for everybody?  You will probably come across with many people in online forums and communities that are against Body by vi and the majority of those people haven’t even tried it.  These people might also claim that when you try it, you will deal with very pushy sales people and some even claim it has MSG as an ingredient  in it (ALL FALSE!)  The bottom line – People like people to fail when they fail and cannot commit or succeed while they see others succeed.

does body by vi work


Will it hurt to give it a try?

There are many things to consider when you ask yourself this question.  Does body by vi work for people on a budget? One thing, independently relies on the number of people who are being successful with the program.  You see, ViSalus Sciences created a 90 day challenge thinking of US!  This challenge is so simple it works with anyone.  It is simple to incorporate into your very busy lifestyle.  If you want your products for free – just get 3 of your friends to join you on the challenge!

Is this something BAD?  Well, if you are approaching your friends like a sales person, then YES, it will be very uncomfortable for them to deal with your real excitement.  There is nothing more motivational than living proof!  At the same time the most basic payment I made until 3 friends joined with me was $55.  If you average $5 a meal a day x 5 days in a work week = $25 x (4 weeks in a month?) You do the math.  In the mean time I enjoy a healthy delicious shake 2 times a day every month!

Does body by vi work …umm this is a question you have to ask people presently involved with the program.  If body by vi did not work then why would there be so many people all over North America and now the UK using it and being successful with it?  Again, you will most likely not succeed if the people surrounding you are dream killers.

ViSalus Sciences would be out of business by now if their program did not work.  Also, when was the last time you saw an infomercial on TV promoting ViSalus Sciences?  The most difficult business to promote is by word of mouth.  This is what ViSalus is doing; touching people’s life, one individual at a time.

Remember, the only thing you have to lose…is weight!  Does body by vi work ? Well, you can see for yourself by joining me and many others on losing weight, feeling great, and saving money by doing the 90 day challenge!


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